Here you will find some of my favorite links on the Web. The categories are listed below. If you find any broken links drop me a line please.

Here are the categories:

List of companies, manufacturers, dealerships and the lot...
Freebees, free mail addresses, web site submission services...
Porn related issues...
Search Engines
Things that make our lives easier on the internet. Search for mp3 files, ftp sites and more...
A free web based email page, This one offers 2Gb of mail space. Made by Google and has some cool features like mail searches, thread based conversations and archiving.

A free Web based mail page. Great for setting up a quick email addy for your subscriptions to various site. The spam will go there.

Submit Express
A free Web Site submission page. It submits your page to 40 sites, including Google, Yahoo, AOL etc.

Another free web based mail page. This one has (for free) 1Gb mail space available

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The most known company that produces computers. Some of the mainframe computers at my work place are produced by this company.

Well, what can I say. They know we need them... The bringers of Operating System Dependent internet browsers, or was it the other way around...

One of the worlds biggest developers in database systems.

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The Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection. This site lets you report a site which may endanger your kids. Porn is an issue, but there are more circumstances under which a child can be the victim of abuse on the internet. Be careful and take responsibility.

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Search Engines
Ask Jeeves
A search engine capable of answering questions. What I mean is you type in a question like 'How do I search on the internet and the site comes up with answers. Really usable.

Ok, maybe I am a little bit biased, but in my opinion this is the best search engine. The advanced search options are great and fully configurable. Be sure to check it out.

Yahoo Search
The main Yahoo search page. Allows you to search the web on video files, image files, groups and much more. This site also has an advanced search option.

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